• Special Scene Translations


    Hurrem walks over to Suleyman who is waiting for her.

    Hurrem: "Hunkarim"

    Suleyman: "Welcome, Hurrem"

    Hurrem: "You wished to see me?"

    Suleyman: "Yes, there is something I would like you to see." Hurrem looks at him wondering what it could be. Could it be something bad? Suleyman says: "Come with me." They arrive at the window, looking inside the main hall in Ibrahim's Palace. Hurrem looks confused and she looks at Suleyman, but he is just smiling. 

    Hurrem: "What does this mean?" Suleyman nods at her to keep watching.

    Seyh-ul-Islam: "By the orders of Allah, and by the tradition of our Prophet, on the witnessing of our witnesses..." 

    Hurrem turns around smiling and looks at Suleyman in wonder and awe.

    Hurrem:  "Is this our Nikkah (wedding ceremony)" Suleyman has the smile of the world on his face, and nods. Hurrem is breathless...Suleyman tells her keep watching..she turns and continues watching:

    Seyh-ul-Islam: "As a witness, do you accept Sultan Selim's son, Sultan Suleyman - with one hundred thousand silver coins as your mehr (dowry) - as your husband?" 

    Sumbul: "I accept." 
    Seyh-ul-Islam: "Do you accept?" 
    Sumbul: "I accept." 
    Seyh-ul-Islam: "Do you accept?" 
    Sumbul: "I accept." 
    Hurrem is having trouble holding back tears of happiness and joy. 
    Seyh-ul-Islam: "As Sultan Suleyman's witness, do you accept the daughter of Abdullah, Hurrem Sultan, as your wife?" (note: Abdullah in this case literally means, Servent of God, her father is not there so they call him that and in legal proceedings of any kind, they used to always mention the father's name as well) 

    Celalzadeh, the Sultan's scribe: "I accept." 
    Seyh-ul-Islam: "Do you accept?" 
    Celalzadeh: "I accept" 
    Seyh-ul-Islam: "Do you  accept?" 
    Celalzadeh: "I accept."

    Seyh-ul-Islam: "And all you as witnesses, did you witness it?" 

    Witnesses: "We did."
    Sheyh-ul-Islam: "Did you witness it?"
    Witnesses: "We did."
    Sheyh-ul-Islam: "Did you witness it?"
    Witnesses: "We did."
    Hurrem is crying and breathless...

    Seyh-ul-Islam: "On the acceptances, and the witnessing of the witnesses, I have solemnized this nikkah." They raise their hands to pray for the bride and groom.
    Hurrem turns and looks at her husband: "Suleyman!"
    Suleyman holds her hands: "Askim (my love), The light of my eyes! My reason to exist!...My darling who with her eyes makes me weak (with love). My woman...my wife..."


    VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvxWz0gW6xk

    Hatice: "Validem, my beautiful mother, how are you doing? Do you have any pains?

    I believe with all my heart that your suffering will end soon and you will be able to stand up...

    Validem, I always dreamed of becoming a woman like you, someone who turned heads with one look, and someone who dazzles others with their magical beauty... You are so noble and honourable with your elegance... But I know that this is impossible... You are still more beautiful than any of us!

    But mostly, I wish to be a mother like you... A mother who protects her children, who embraces us with your tenderness, a mother who gives us peace...

    I still hear your voice in my eyes... I hear the lullabies you used to sing to me... I smell your unparalleled rose garden scent, it used to be the breath I used to breathe, it used to give me life...

    But how sad it is that my children are not as fortunate as I was... They do not have a mother like you... My dear mother, do not leave us! Do not leave us alone... Not yet! We need you, please!!


    Gulfem! Daye!! She squeezed my hand! Look!"

    In the next scene, the Hunkar has been called into the room.

    Hatice: "She moved her hand, Hunkarim! Gulfem was here too, she saw it as well, right?"

    Gulfem: "Yes, Hunkarim..."

    Suleyman: "Did you inform the doctor?"

    Daye: "They are on their way Hunkarim."

    Suleyman: "Validem... I have been waiting for this good news for months... I beg you to please move a particle in your hand so my soul can find some peace..."

    Valide Sultan then moves her hand and Suleyman kisses her hand and places it on his forehead (a sign of high respect to elders in the Turkish culture) and he says: "Thank you, my Lord! You have heard our prayers!"

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